Agreement between Supervisor and Supervisee

Balint Society of Australia and New Zealand


The supervisor and supervisee agree:

  1. To maintain their current financial memberships of the BSANZ;
  2. To maintain their current Professional Indemnity Insurances;
  3. To abide by the Code of Ethics of their professional accrediting bodies;
  4. To keep records of each supervision session, including dates, times and notes of each session;
  5. To have a minimum of 10 sessions of supervision per year;
  6. To discuss six monthly progress reports before they are sent to the Accreditation Committee;
  7. To discuss any concerns and issues about the supervisory relationship. If these are unable to be resolved, either party or both parties are to consult with the Accreditation Committee.
  8. To discuss ethical issues, confidentiality, co-leader relationships and other issues related to progress and development as listed in the BSANZ Accreditation Committee Requirements for Supervision Reports;
  9. To discuss any possible changes to the terms of the supervision agreement, including cessation of supervision and to brief the Accreditation Committee about these discussions;
  10. To agree on fees for supervision before commencement; and
  11. To discuss the final report concerning the suitability of the supervisee to complete the pathway before the report is submitted to the Accreditation Committee.


SIGNED:                                                                        SUPERVISOR



SIGNED:                                                                         SUPERVISEE


Endorsed by the BSANZ board on 2 May 2017