CPD, CME and MOPS Points for GPs and GP Registrars

Balint group participants may be eligible for CPD points through the RACGP QI&CPD Program for GPs in Australia

In New Zealand general practitioners can claim CME and Peer Review points through the MOPS program of the New Zealand Medical Council and/or the RNZCGP. One point may be claimed per hour of participation.

GP Registrars on the NZ Medical Council GPEP 2 programme are also eligible for CME and Peer Review points.

In Australia participants may qualify for three types of points through the RACGP:

Category 1 points

Small Group Learning. 40 points per Small Group Learning Cycle of at least 8 hours. Participants in ongoing Balint groups may gain points for more than one Small Group Learning Cycle within the 2011-2013 Triennium. The small group needs to hold an orientation and planning meeting, register through the state QI&CPD unit, undertake the program, hold a review meeting to reflect on the outcomes of the group, and complete a review form. Participants in an ongoing Balint group may undertake more than one Small Group Learning Cycle.

Category 2 points

2 points per hour. This would apply to GPs who are unable to participate in a minimum of the 8 hours required for each Small Group Learning Cycle. The organizer needs to apply to the state QI@CPD unit for point allocation, unless the provider is an endorsed or accredited provider. The RACGP adjudicates the application. There is a cap of 30 points per triennium for each type of Category 2 activity.

Mental health points

Category 1 points may be designated as Mental Health Points for GPs who have registered to access mental health MBS items. The education provider must be prepared to substantiate that at least 50% of cases discussed have mental health diagnoses (broadly defined) – in practice this seems to be the case. Mental health points need to be requested on the Category 1 application form.