A four-day experiential workshop

Dates: 17th–20th October 2019
Venue: Mantra Hotel Southbank, 31 City Rd, Melbourne

To register your interest please contact: Anne Malecki by email admin.bsanz@bigpond.com


This year’s Intensive has proven to be popular again. We’ve had an excellent response to our request for expressions of interest and would encourage those of you who have not responded to do so. Each year this workshop fills quickly and this year will be no exception. Our next Intensive is planned for 2021. Applications from those who have registered interest first will be considered before places are allocated to others. Workshop Organising Committee

About this year’s Intensive

Our Intensive this year will again offer an immersive Balint Group experience. We invite practitioners interested in learning more about Balint groups to consider joining us. We welcome trainee GPs, GPs and other specialists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, medical educators, psychologists, social workers, and others who are interested in the psychological dynamics of their work.

About Balint Groups

Balint groups were originally designed for General Practitioners to work together in a small experiential, peer support group to discuss cases from their own practice, with a focus on the clinician-patient relationship. The model has grown to include therapists and other practitioners.

The Balint experience enables participants to cope better with difficult interactions, leading to improved work satisfaction, the promotion of reflective practice, the fostering of self-awareness and many other qualities that underpin effective communication in our practice.

Our Intensives have run successfully since 2007, and offer proven benefits to practising and trainee GPs, psychotherapists, nurses, medical educators, psychologists, social workers and other professionals who work closely with the emotional lives of others.

About our Annual Balint Group Intensive

Most of the work will be conducted in small groups with experienced group leaders. The small group membership – participants and leaders – will remain constant throughout the four days. At small group sessions, individual cases will be presented and worked in the Balint way. The leadership groups will include opportunities to lead a session.

Important Notes

Participation in the entire program is a pre-requisite to registration. The success of the workshop depends on small and large group cohesiveness.
Intensive Balint participation can stir up strong feelings. If you are at a vulnerable time in your life, we recommend you consider attending this experience at a later date.

To Register your Interest

If you are interested in learning about Balint work first hand, or if you are interested in Balint leadership training, our four-day Balint Group Intensive offers an excellent opportunity to learn more in a supportive and collegiate environment and gives participants the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

We hope you will consider joining us for this practical and experiential learning opportunity. Numbers are limited. To register your interest please contact: Anne Malecki by email admin.bsanz@bigpond.com

Registration will open on 1st June.