Balint Group Listings

NEW ~~ ~~ BSANZ is sponsoring a special online group project in response to the impact of the pandemic and other crises which have recently affected communities in Australia and New Zealand. These groups will be offered at low cost for a limited period of time. As new groups become available, they will be added to the listing below.

Note: When you are ready to list your group please contact this page’s editor at

Special Crisis Response Project – Online groups

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Tuesday evening

Leaders: Hilary Ash  & Dr Mike Fitzgerald
Meeting times: Commencing 9th June, monthly on 2nd Tuesdays, 6 – 7.30 pm AEST/AEDT
Vacancies: 1 or 2
Group participants: Mainly medical practitioners. Open to other allied health clinicians

Established Online Groups

Members welcome from Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Tuesday morning

Meeting times: Tuesday, 8am to 9.40am AEST – second Tuesday each month, Feb-Dec inclusive
Leaders : Chel Quinn & Kerrie Collings-Silvey from Brisbane
Group participants: Rural or remote mental health clinicians
Vacancies: Spaces available in 2020
Flyer: Tuesday morning group

Tuesday evening for doctors

Meeting times: First Tuesday each month, 7:30 to 9:30 pm NZDST 5.30 – 7.30 pm AEDST 4.30 – 6.30 pm AEST
Vacancies: 2 spaces
Contact: Dr John Barton
Current membership: GPs, psychiatrist, an O&G doctor
More info: opportunity for doctors in places where there is no Balint group

Wednesday lunchtime

Meeting times: Wednesday 12.30-2 pm AEST – monthly meetings
Vacancies: New group
Leaders: Marion Lustig (Melbourne) & Laurie Lovell-Simons (Sydney)
Group participants: Multi-disciplinary for clinicians in any location including doctors and allied health professionals

Wednesday evening

Meeting times: Second Wednesday each month – 7.30-9.30 pm NZT 5.30 – 7.30 pm AEDST, 4.30 – 6.30 pm AEST
Leaders: Dr Di Nash Amanda Garland
Flyer: NZ and Australian Online Balint group

Thursday early evening

Meeting times: Thursday, 5-6.30pm AEST/AEDT – monthly meetings
Vacancies: 1 or 2 spaces
Leaders: Kerrie Collings-Silvey & Hilary Ash
Group participants: Principally for medical and allied health clinicians in remote areas or in solo practices
Info flyer: Thursday evening online

Thursday evening Junior Doctors

Meeting times: Thursday, 7.30 pm, fortnightly from March 2020
Vacancies: 1 or possibly 2 places
Leader: Alexa Gilbert-Obrart
More info: Previously established Zoom group 2018, face-to-face group 2019

Established Face-to-Face Balint Groups

These groups meet widely in Australia and New Zealand. Of necessity, these groups currently meet online.




Meeting times: Wednesday 7.30-9pm monthly
Vacancies: yes
Leader: Dr Andrew McKensey

Sydney – St Leonards

Meeting times: Thursdays, Weekly 2.30 -3.30pm
Vacancies: 2 places in an established group of 7
Leader: Leonie Sullivan
Group members: mixed group mental health professionals (medical and non medical)

Sydney – St Leonards

Meeting times: Saturdays, Monthly
Vacancies: group of 8 has been running for 5 years and would welcome other members
Leader: Leonie Sullivan
Group members: Mental and other health professionals, (Psychiatrist, registrars, psychologists, social workers)
Other info: If oversubscribed another group can be arranged, face to face or online. Leonie as been running online groups since 2010, and is always happy to start another.



Meeting times: Monthly meeting on Saturday, 9 – 11 am AEST
Address: Suite 16, Ground Floor, Ballow Chambers, 121, Wickham Terrace
Leaders: Kerrie Collings-Silvey & Chel Quinn
More info:  Brisbane Case-Based Reflective Practice Monthly Group
Group members: Mental Health Professionals



Meeting times in 2020: 5.50-7.30pm – 3rd Tuesdays, Feb-Nov (10 meetings)
Vacancies: yes, 2 or 3 spaces
Leader: Hilary Ash
More info: Elsternwick 2020 flyer
Group members: Multidisciplinary for mental health practitioners, MHPN supported group


Meeting times in 2020: Wednesday 12.50-2.30pm – 10 meetings, Feb-Nov
Vacancies: yes, 1 or 2 spaces
Leaders: Ruth Dunn & Hilary Ash
More info: Elsternwick 2020 flyer
Group members: Multidisciplinary for mental health practitioners, MHPN supported group


Meeting times:  monthly on Tuesdays from 12.30 – 2 pm preceded by a light lunch.
Vacancies: Can usually accommodate new members.
Leader: Marion Lustig,
Contact:  Marion Lustig on 0407342882 or
Group participants: multi-disciplinary group including GPs and a variety of mental health professionals.
More info:  Eligible for RACGP small Group Learning points. Group running since 2003, affiliated with MHPN.
Marion is a psychiatrist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, formerly a GP. She is available for new groups in Melbourne area and via Zoom.


Meeting times: Monthly, Monday/Tuesday lunchtimes.
Leader: Ruth Dunn
Group members: COHEALTH GPs.
Contact: Ruth Dunn at


Meeting times: 1st Tuesday of the month 8-9.30 a.m. – Feb to Dec
Vacancies: waiting list only for new members
Contact: Dr Sue Boucher
More info: group running for over 10 years


Meeting times: Monthly on Wednesdays  10-11.30am
Leaders: Dr Joy Humphreys & Ruth Dunn
Group members: Mental Health Professionals.
Contact: Dr Joy Humphreys at
Other info: Auspiced by MHPN


Meeting times: Monthly on Tuesdays 5.30-7pm.
Leaders: Dr Bill Betts & Ruth Dunn
Group participants: GPs, psychologists and other health professionals.
Vacancies: Currently no vacancies.
Contact: Ruth Dunn at
More info: Auspiced by MHPN

Hawthorn East

Meeting times:  Monthly, first Friday, 12.30-2.00pm
Vacancies: Can usually accommodate new members.
Leaders: Ethel Tillinger & Dr Michael Fitzgerald
Contact:  Ethel Tillinger
Group members: Multidisciplinary group including GPs and other mental health practitioners
More info: MHPN supported



Meeting times: Monthly on Tuesday lunchtimes.
Leader: Ruth Dunn
Group members: COHEALTH GPs
Contact: Ruth Dunn

St Kilda

Meeting times: second Friday of each month from 9.30 – 11am
Leader: Joy Humphreys
Group participants: Organisational Consultants’ Balint group

Western Australia


Meeting times: third Monday each month, 7.20 for 7.30 pm start
Vacancies: yes
Leader: Judy Griffiths
Group participants: General Practitioners


Meeting times: fourth Monday each month, 7.20 for 7.30 pm start
Vacancies: yes
Leader: Judy Griffiths
Group participants: doctors and mental health practitioners

New Zealand

Auckland – Mt Albert

Meeting times: Second Tuesday of the month 7.30 – 9.30 pm – 11 sessions per year
Vacancies: 2 spaces
Leaders: Dr John Barton & Dr Renske van den Brink
Contact: Renske  021 101 3224 
Group members: multi-disciplinary (inc physios, podiatrist, GPs, psychotherapist)
Cost: $60 per session

Auckland – Mt Eden 

Meeting times: First Tuesday of the month 7- 9 pm – 11 sessions per year
Vacancies: 2 spaces
Leaders: Prue Bonifant & Dr Renske van den Brink
Contact: Renske 0211013224
Group members: multi-disciplinary (inc physios, homeopath, GPs, social worker, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist)
Cost: $60 per session

Christchurch – Spreydon

Meeting times: Tuesday 7.30 – 9pm  4 weekly
Vacancies: One space available for 2019
Leader: Jayne Hubble, Registered Psychotherapist
Contact: Jayne Hubble  021 150 5169
Flyer: YES 

Dunedin – Otago

Meeting times: Friday 0800-1000, every 4 weeks
Vacancies: currently none
Group Leaders: Hamish Wilson & Richard O’Neill-Dean
Contact: Hamish Wilson  021 267 6994
Group members: Mixed heath professional group: GPs, psychiatrist, therapists