Becoming a Member

Membership of the Society is open to individuals who are health professionals working with patients in health care settings.

Balint work is a form of reflective practice in a peer setting within a safe and confidential structure.
The Balint Society is an organisation which supports and serves its members and trains accredited Balint group leaders, supervisors and leader trainers.

Members include general practitioners, medical specialists including psychiatrists, nurses, mental health nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, and others on application.

The primary purpose of the Society is to promote and advance research, study and training in the psychological aspects of health care and, in particular, clinical practice, with special reference to the clinician-patient relationship, and to disseminate this knowledge beyond the Society for the improvement of health care of the public at large.

Students are eligible for free membership until graduation.

It is required that those registering for the BSANZ Annual Balint Group Workshop are financial members of the BSANZ.

To apply for membership of the Society go to the Application Form.


Membership Application Form

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