A Balint Society of Australia and New Zealand Congress 

Discover Balint Groups: share ideas and experiences – explore the learnings from clinical experiential reflective practice groups

Dates: 15th – 18th October 2020
Thursday evening to Sunday midday

Venue:  Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane, 23 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill 4000

Worldwide research increasingly reveals the enormous value of quality professional support for health care service providers. Clinical reflective practice both increases practitioners’ professional longevity and improves patient care.

The Balint Society promotes the development of Balint Groups. The groups are named for Michael Balint, who researched the care of the doctor and the patient, providing groups of medical practitioners with a particular experience of case group discussion. This practice has since extended to include groups for all health clinicians. The collegial work builds reflective skills and offers validation for the emotional and relational elements of quality clinical work.

 Our congress will welcome – into a community of health professionals – newcomers to the concept of Balint Groups, experienced group members, and group leaders. The full and rich program will include Balint Group experiences at its core. In addition, paper presentations, discussions and workshops will extend and inform Balint Group practice. We welcome you to explore with us the clinical meaning-making of Balint work across contexts and cultural divides.