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BSANZ Register of Board Decisions 2012-2019

The AGM 2019

will be held on 7th December 2019 at 12 pm in Room 16, Ballow Chambers, 121 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane Qld 4123. .
Members unable to be present in person will be able to attend the meeting and vote via Zoom link. Please advise the secretary Kerrie Collings-Silvey if you would like to attend the meeting via Zoom. E:

Information about how the BSANZ AGM is organised
  • The BSANZ holds its Annual General Meeting in Australia.
  • The BSANZ is registered as a Non Profit Society in Victoria under the Incorporated Societies Act, and so it is required to have an Australian secretary and to lodge an annual statement in Victoria to comply with  requirements of the Incorporated Societies Act, Victoria.
  • The BSANZ is not required to submit a tax return in Australia or in New Zealand.
  • It operates two bank accounts, one in Australia and one in New Zealand, as there are members in each country and workshops are held in each country.
  • In 2018 the AGM was held in Brisbane and for the first time members in Australia and New Zealand could attend by Zoom on the internet. This was the first AGM set up for members to be present via an internet connection or to be present in person.
  • Members who wish have the opportunity to attend the AGM by internet Zoom link should inform the secretary Anne Malecki