BSANZ Writing Prize 2015

Results of the BSANZ Medical Student Essay Competition, 2015

There were 58 entries from 15 medical schools across Australia and New Zealand, including Otago (19), Monash (10), Auckland (4) and Griffith (3). Each essay was de-identified and then reviewed initially by two independent reviewers. The top 16 essays were further reviewed by a panel of 10 reviewers. From this process, the  winners, runners up and commended essays were chosen (see Final Report, below). All students are to be congratulated on their thoughtful and creative approach to writing about their significant learning experiences of the student-patient relationship. The quality of writing was consistently high, providing rich insights into the lived experience of medical training. Three of the top essays are available to read below. Many thanks are extended to the panel of reviewers who generously provided their time and perceptive feedback. The next essay competition will be in 2017. Medical schools will be notified early in the year and the submission date will be in May.

Top essays

Here are three of the top essays from the essay competition in 2015:

Read the BSANZ Writing Prize for Medical Students 2015 Final Report